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Strong Cross Ministries was founded by Christian and Tonya Blessing. Chris, as a young teenager, knew that God had called him to help missionaries. His Uncle Kenneth was a missionary in Africa, and Chris had witnessed first-hand the struggles he faced in funding his work on the mission field, and in finding personal times of rest from his labors. Before marrying Tonya in 1982, Chris shared his vision and received Tonya's support in helping him in ministry.

A retreat facility for missionaries was opened on the eastern plains of Colorado in 2000. Over the course of twelve years, Strong Cross Ranch had the honor of hosting over 2,000 ministry guests.  Several years ago, Chris felt God was directing him to relocate the ministry of Strong Cross Ranch overseas. Soon after, Tonya experienced, during a Sunday morning church service, a divine encounter with the Lord that confirmed in her heart the need to relocate.

The Blessing Family moved to South Africa in June of 2012. They currently live in Mokopane, Limpopo, a region located about one hour from the Zimbabwe border. God has continued to open new doors, and it is exciting to see the ministry grow as God reveals all that is in store for Strong Cross Ministries

Altered Stories - Tonya Blessing Interview
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